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I can pinpoint a distinct moment on every trip abroad when I found myself on some distant shore looking out across the sands and waves towards a never-ending horizon. I can vividly recall the sense of peace and joy which was encompassed in that moment, and the desire I felt to hold on to that moment long after leaving the sea behind. As with most things in life, great travels must eventually come to an end as one returns to a life of responsibilty and routine. The afterglow from a venture into the great wide world fades with time and though photographs and memories offer a reprive into a happy reverie of past travels, the past eventually settles into it’s place in our memory. Some of us are left with a yearning which is difficult to silence and though the structure of work and the security of friends and family offer some solace, we cannot ignore the whisper of the world beckoning us to return to ride the wave of adventure once more and remember the smell of the sea.

And so the adventure begins…


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