En-route to San Francisco

Let me think back to where this all began. The seed for the idea of this trip was planted a long time ago, it’s hard to remember when my fascination with foreign places began. I do, however, remember looking at maps as a child and feeling a sense of fascination at the expanse of the world and all the possibilities it held. My Dad had, at one time during my childhood tacked a map above my and all I wanted was to able to stick colorful tacks into the places I had visited. I no longer have a colorful poster on my wall in which to stick tacks documenting my ventures, but I am proud to say that my passport bares witness to more than one border crossing and is somewhat adorned with colorful stamps from all over. I am, however, nowhere near reaching my goal of setting foot on every continent and calling myself a seasoned traveller. Up until this point my travels have taken me to South and Central America, as well as a four months long trip across Europe. At this very moment I am sitting on a flight headed towards the first leg of what will likely be the trip of my life. I will be arriving in San Francisco for a week long stop-over to explore the famously hip city before setting off for our destination, the grand continent of Australia.

Just over a year and a half ago I found myself single and at a crossroads of sorts. The choices laid out before me were job security and setting down roots or putting my life on hold to travel. A friend and I decided on a three and a half month trip to Europe which we told ourselves would be the last lengthy trip on which we would embark as we were both in our mid-twenties and feeling the pressure to settle down. Yet here I am, a mere seven months since our return from Europe, on yet another, and longer trip into whatever lay ahead. I wish I could say that the knot in my stomach was due solely the excitement of being outbound again but truth be told it was excitement dosed with a small helping of fear. Having left my family, friends and life behind without much semblance of a plan, has left me feeling a weightlessness which is both intoxicatingly wonderful and slightly unnerving.

Will this trip be what I expect? Will I return to the life I left behind or will I gravitate to the life of a traveller and find another place on earth to call home?