A few days prior to my departure, a friend I had met on my travels in Europe contacted me with the news that he was now living and working in San Fran. This friend is a fun loving, exuberant Irishman by the name of Eoghan. My travel companions and I had met Eoghan and his Aussie posse whilst in need of a place to live in Barcelona. We found ourselves living in the grimiest of apartments in the sketchiest of alley ways but loving every minute because of the great company and spontaneous adventures.

                Since my friend and travel companion, Ana, would not be arriving until the following day and our couchsurfing host worked late that evening, I had a whole solo day to venture the streets of San Fran. I could not think of a better way to spend the day than getting the “Eoghan Patrick” tour of the city which I was sure would include beer and some kind of fun trouble. We soon found ourselves sitting at Dolores Park drinking beer out of brown paper bag and watching masses of hip San Franciscans congregate in the park with their dogs and reminiscing about past travels.

A long walk through the city brought us to the eclectic and distinctly Latin saturated district of The Mission. As it turns out this area happened to be where our couchsurf host lived and would be our home base in the following days…